EC EN 562 Optical Communications

Winter 2007

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Date Text Pages Topic Notes Homework Solutions
  Design Project 1: Asymmetric Waveguide  
  Design Project 2: Multilayer Waveguides  
  Design Project 3: Fiber Modes  
  Design Project 4: Modulator  
  Design Project 5: EDFA  
  Design Project 6: System Design  

8-Jan Introduction notes    
10-Jan 110-126 Slab Dielectric Waveguides notes HW#1 (Due 1/17) hw1 solution
12-Jan Cont      
Symmetric waveguide Matlab code    
required function    
required function    

15-Jan Holiday (No class)      
17-Jan 137-139 Effective Index Theory   Mini Project #1 (due 1/31)  
(can finish Proj 1 and 2)      
19-Jan 126-136 Step index circular waveguides notes    
(No standard homework this week)      
Single mode optical fiber    
Multi-mode optical fiber    

22-Jan cont      
24-Jan 797-811 cont   HW#2 (Due 2/1) hw2 solution
26-Jan 145-149 Attenuation in optical fiber notes    

29-Jan 13-18 Group Velocity Group Velocity    
Matlab file of a pulse    
Necessary Matlab file to make a movie    
Pulse movie    
31-Jan "140-144, 313-322" Intermodal Dispersion notes HW#3 (Due 2/7) hw3 solution

5-Feb cont      
(can finish Proj 3)      
7-Feb Intramodal Dispersion notes    
Derivation article 1    
Derivation article 2    
9-Feb 313-322 Dispersion Limit notes    
  Mini Project #2 (due 2/28)  
  Article on materials  
Gaussian Pulse Dispersion    
Trapezoidal Pulse Dispersion    

12-Feb cont. example    
14-Feb 673-745 Optical sources notes HW#4 (Due 2/21) hw4 solution
16-Feb 517-537 Optical detectors      

19-Feb Holiday (No class)      
20-Feb System Analysis      
21-Feb 322-349 Polarization Mode Dispersion notes HW#5 (Due 2/28) hw5 solution
panda fiber    
23-Feb Review list    
    Midterm Exam (open book and open notes)      
    Feb. 28 - Mar. 7      

26-Feb 406-430 Propagationin anisotropic materials notes    
28-Feb Propagation in EO materials notes    
    No homework this week! (Prepare for the Exam.)      
2-Mar EO Modulators notes    

5-Mar example    
Avanex Modulator    
7-Mar MZ Modulator HW#6 (Due 3/14) hw6 solution
    Projects 1 and 2 due Mar. 14   Mini Project #3 (Due 3/21)  
9-Mar Direct LD modulation direct modulation    
RF driving of External Modulator    
Max - Min Amplitude    

12-Mar 465-499 Noise Notes    
14-Mar cont APD noise HW#7 (Due 3/21) hw7 solution
16-Mar cont      

19-Mar No Class      
21-Mar No Class      
23-Mar 748-774 Optical Amplifiers Notes    

28-Mar   HW#8 (Due 4/4) hw8 solution
    Project 4 due Mar. 28      
(can finish Proj. 5 and 6)      

2-Apr EDFA Noise Notes    
4-Apr cont   HW#9 (Due 4/11) hw9 solution
    Project 6 due Apr. 4      
6-Apr cont Example    

9-Apr Project 1 and 2 Review panel      
11-Apr Project 4 and 6 Review panel      
13-Apr Overview of other Optical communication components      

16-Apr Review review topics